Do you miss going out to eat and drink downtown? Going shopping? Do you miss experiencing the city with your friends, family, and colleagues?

Then please sign this petition to help convince Mayor Rick Becksted that the plan to close the four streets leading into Market Square is necessary and that it is possible to divert traffic in a manner that will make it no worse than usual.

Support Your Portsmouth

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Latest Signatures
219 Laura Halliday
218 Ashley Sanborn
217 Jackson Bowser Save the restaurants of Portsmouth!
216 Todd Ruland
215 Susan Pettibone Let's help save these restaurants and their employees!
214 David Hansen Please open up congress street/market square for the local restaurants to do outdoor dining. Support local business!
213 Leah Baver We love Portsmouth!
212 Donna Turbity
211 Joanne Carley
210 John Erney Restaurant workers rock the casbah!!!
209 Kristen Rocha Small business will sink if we don’t do something
208 Jo Ann Beaudette
207 Jessica Wells Please help our community rebuild!
206 Mikayla Conte Give the business outside space!!
205 Meghan Toner
204 Ann-Marie Waterhouse Keep the restaurants and folks safe, give them outdoor space!
203 Dvina Valcour
202 Jacob Yole
201 Amanda Pettibone
200 Tyler Picard Please allow these streets to close for the sake of our cherished Portsmouth restaurants. They have faced enough adversity as it is!!
199 John Sargent Walkable modern urbanism is needed!
198 Emily Beaudette 🙂
197 Kat Erney Let’s do this!!!
196 Mairi Ellum Support the Portsmouth food scene!
195 Joshua riddle let's support our communities through hard times
194 Sean Farmer
193 Shannon Turbity
192 Jonah Snyder This would allow my family to be a e to enjoy the restaurant experience and feel safe!
191 Sydney Perron
190 Kristie Edmunds Please keep the business downtown alive by approving this plan
189 Kenneth Henault This is an opportunity to turn Portsmouth into a great walking city. It reminds me of Downtown Crossing in Boston.
188 Julie Reynolds Support local businesses- allow for outdoor seating!
187 Richard Janusz Support local outdoor seating!
186 Christine Carbone I think that moving ahead with a solid plan to close streets will benefit both businesses and customers.
185 Lindsey Wood
184 Karole Smith
183 Molly Dwyer
182 Michel Lavoie
181 Jacqui Snow
180 Dan Hayes
179 Jay Dugal I thinks it is unconscionable the position business owners have been forced into. I will support any action that will get them up and running.
178 Eileen Greeley Cmon Portsmouth traffic doesn’t have to drive through town. Let our businesses outside where it’s safer and it would be fun!
177 jennifer dargenio
176 Buddy Webb
175 Jen Webb
174 Olivia Lord
173 Jaimie Belanger
172 Trevor Hopwood Let’s go! There is room for outdoor seating. Get creative Portsmouth, so that we have a Portsmouth when this is over!
171 Janine Holder Please consider!
170 Olivia White

Additionally, please email the City Council, who has the authority to approve both the plan and outdoor liquor licenses. It is crucial for outdoor dining to continue after indoor dining is allowed as due to COVID, seating will be limited, and having additional outdoor seating at least gives the businesses a fighting chance.

We are working on a plan to move forward and to get our community and business back to what it needs to be. It may not be a perfect plan, but it is an actionable and timely plan — which needs to be acted upon quickly (implemented no later than July 1) to save our downtown as we know and love it.

Restaurant owners Joanna Kelley, Al Fleury, and Joe Kelley have a plan to close four Market Square streets for outdoor dining and shopping. They hired an engineer to show how it can work, and are hoping city officials can make it a reality soon.

This plan could be endlessly debated and talked about, but due to COVID 19, we don’t have time, or we should say our businesses don’t have that kind of time.

Portsmouth has a long history of coming together to overcome adversity. Remember, “Keep Portsmouth Loud?” Back in 2014, The Prescott Park Arts Festival was getting some heat for being ”too loud.”

Residents took it upon themselves to organize discussions about how to bridge the gap between those that wanted a sleepy seaside bedroom community and those that wanted a thriving nightlife. People attended city hall meetings to voice their concerns respectfully, and in the end the music played on in Prescott Park.

Do you want to be part of the solution? Then help the local businesses and restaurants and their staff figure out a way to reopen downtown as soon as possible while following all of the safety precautions, proper sanitation, disinfection, and procedures that are consistent with the highest industry standards.

We need to act now and reform this plan while implementing it so that it is timely and effective. We need to take the leap and be ready and willing to be flexible, make changes, and once we do this, we will wonder why we didn’t do it sooner.

With sincerest gratitude, and looking forward to seeing you soon!