We are working on a plan to get our community and business to where it needs to be to move Portsmouth forward in these uncertain and changing times.

Our plan involves closing down four streets, leading into market square to automobiles. It is an actionable and timely plan — swift motion is a must (implemented no later than July 1) to save our downtown as we know and love.

Due to COVID-19, we’ve already seen downtown businesses announcing permanent closures. Creating even more urgency for us to work together and act now. We need to reform this plan while implementing it so that it is timely and effective.

Instead of endlessly debating and talking about the plan, we must leap now. We are ready and willing to be flexible, make changes, and follow all proper safety and sanitation protocols.

A business’s ability to adapt to COVID-19 Guidelines will, in many ways, determine its ability to survive the course of this downturn. Recovery readiness is no small task, but if we work together to mitigate the impact, we can lay the foundation for a strong comeback. We cannot do this alone; we need your help as residents and visitors of this diverse community. Use your voice to ensure that we won’t lose all of the unique businesses and eating establishments that we have grown to love.